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These videos are of great value. They emphasize the importance of correct basics.

Alfred Knopfhart - World renowned author and dressage judge.


Welcome to Gymnastic Patterns with Leslie Webb. In these three tapes I will discuss how to properly train your horse through the use of patterns. I will use circles, squares, diamonds, and straight lines. Schooling a rider with the use of a visual picture and/or pattern gives the rider a concrete image with which to work.

The tapes will help all levels from the beginner rider through FEI competitor to develop or refresh the basic building blocks of dressage. These videos will be of significant aide to both the instructor and the student. Each video is approximately 45 minutes in length with significant visual aids to describe the gymnastic patterns and their use.

Video I - "Influence"

Seven exercises and includes such topics as the timing of the half halt, bending the jaw, developing rhythm and regularity of the gaits. Rider position, guiding the horse with the seat and legs, controlling the length of stride and developing the leg yield are also covered. These exercises utilized properly will produce a horse in self carriage and is through the back.

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Video II - "Alignment"

Has eight patterned exercises to develop bending, the counter bend, balance, to align and straighten your horse. Correct round circles, proper bend and the development of the lateral movements are also covered.

Video III - "Engagement"

Has six, more involved and intensive exercises that aid in creating impulsion, engagement, lateral movements and a step-by-step approach to the counter-canter. All the lateral movements are developed, with patterns to teach correct rider position and timing of the half-halts. Through these exercises horses will learn to become engaged and develop extra impulsion towards collection.

They're well-made, clear, and helpful; you could use them to work on your own, but you'll have even more fun working with your instructor! And I think that your instructor will find the videos useful for her own riding and teaching, whether her students are working their way up to Intro Level or are performing well at Third Level.

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