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About me and my homepage

As a Colorado native I spent hours in my youth riding through the mile-high countryside (mostly bare-back) with few fences to close me in. As I look back now, this was the beginning of my riding career. As a teenager I spent my time riding hunters and jumpers as well as catch riding for my trainer. This gave me experience riding different types of horses under different situations.

In 1978 I changed disciplines and started my career in Dressage. During this time I was fortunate to meet Erich Bubbel, a retired Olympic coach and an extremely talented trainer of International Dressage horses. I decided to move to California to focus on my time with Erich. He took me under his wing and devoted his last 12 years teaching me everything he knew. This is where I developed my training systems for both horse and rider and also led to my award winning skills in the competition arena.

Looking into the future is what dressage riders and trainers must do. It takes up to 8 years to train a horse to the Olympic Grand Prix level and even longer to train a rider to compete on these talented Grand Prix horses. There is no better time than now to teach our junior and young riders. I want to teach these talented riders by giving them my all, showing them on young, talented, up and coming horses that I am preparing for their competition careers. I offer them a full scale training center close to an affordable college so that these riders can continue their all-important college education. The future is in the young - our gifted

My recent hobby? JEWELRY!! I could never find jewelry that would compliment my riding clothes, so I started making my own. People were always noticing and commenting on it, and soon I had people asking for their own custom pieces. The demand grew so much that I started a side business, The Leslie Webb Collection. You can go to my website, www.webbjewelry.com , and order pre-made pieces, or you can order a custom piece where I match all the colors to your favorite riding shirt, such as Kastel – Arista – Sansoleil and Fits. They are short enough to perfectly fit just above opening of the shirt and stay flat while riding your horse (or skates, bicycle, paddle board…..).